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Do I have to become a Member?

In our church we are all about choice.  You do not have to be a member it is your choice.

What are the advantages of being a Member?

It would give you an important sense of belonging.  You can vote on all things regarding our work within the Church.

What do I need to be a Member?

You need be believe in Jesus Christ and to have been in regular worship at Union for 12 months, or transfer your membership from your previous church.

Hope do I become a Member?

Talk to the Secretary, Minister or one of the Deacons.  Who will then arrange a visit to your home with 2 deacons for an informal chat.  They will then report to the Diaconate, who will then report to a Fellowship Meeting, your membership will then be put to membership vote.  After you are voted in you will then be officially welcomed into membership at the next Communion Service.

Privileges and Responsibilities of a Church member

  • To live a life consistent with the Gospel and worthy of his or her high calling Christ.

  • To spend some time every day in prayer and reading the Scriptures.

  • To share every Sunday, unless unavoidably prevented, in the corporate worship of the Church.

  • To accept personal responsibility for the government of the Church by attendance at the Church Meetings.

  • To take some part in the work of the Church according to gifts and opportunities.

  •  To live fellowship with all the other members of the Church, serving one another in love.

  • To set aside a realistic proportion of his or her income for the work of God carried on, in and through the Church.

  • To introduce others to the fellowship of the Church and engage in corporate and personal evangelism.

When reading the above, Remember, we can only do our best.

Please contact a Deacon if you wish to become a member,

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